Dogs Do A Little Shopping.

A dog owner in China has trained his two terriers to do his shopping.

Stroke victim Sun Chien has built Pong Pong and Wow Wow a cart – with money and shopping list holders – which they push to the shops on their own.

Dogs pop down to the shops
Wow Wow and Pong Pong bring the groceries home.

‘I used to pull an ordinary cart with me to get my shopping home. Then one day, Pong Pong suddenly stood up on his hind legs and tried to help me to push,’ said Sun.

‘I made them a cart of their own and now they’re so good they don’t need me with them. If one gets tired, he hops in and then they swap over,’ said the 76-year-old, of Shenyang.

Regular readers may recall that this is not the first time we’ve covered the lettuce-delivering dogs of China , although at least this time we have an explanation for what’s going on.

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