Frightened Stray Lured To Safety By Woman Pretending To Be Injured

Stories circulated of a stray dog living in the wilderness of Evans Creek, Washington, so locals Amanda Guarascio and Dylan Parkinson decided to find the poor pup and bring him back to civilization.

When they arrived at the off-road-vehicle park, they discovered a frail, bony dog sitting in the location he had reportedly been seen.


Source: NBC King5

After several hours of attempting to coax the dog into their own car with food, they decided to try something a little more appetizing and left the park to purchase hot dogs. Though the pup accepted the weiners, he wouldn’t get in their vehicle.


Source: NBC King5

They returned the next day to find the pup again and decided that a more unconventional approach was need to earn the dog’s trust. Instead of trying to woo the dog with food, they appealed to its sense of doggie decency.


Source: NBC King5

Amanda laid down on the ground pretending to be hurt. The pup, who has since been named Baby Bear, came to inspect Amanda, slowly moving towards her to sniff and investigate.


Source: NBC King5

But Bear lost interest.

Given the cold temperatures, Amanda returned to the warmth of her and Dylan’s vehicle before she went back out and tried again. This time, she very slowly crawled toward him, inches at a time.

“Finally, I got right up next to Bear,” Guarascio wrote. “He growled a little bit, so I started whimpering and yawning, which is a calming signal, and continued to slowly get closer and closer until I was rested up against the sweet little Baby Bear!”


Source: Lost & Found Pets Wa State Facebook

She spent the next two hours warming him with her body, petting him and speaking softly. When she was finally able to slip a leash around his neck, Bear was too fatigued to walk anywhere.

“From 9 pm on I had to carry him everywhere!” Amand said. “I had to pick him up and put him in the truck and then we snuggled together until we got to the vet.”


Source: NBC King5

Amanda and Dylan are trying to find the dog’s family, since they believe that he was probably with his family in Evans Creek and wandered off the trail, getting lost. If you have any information regarding Baby Bear, please call 253-327-5318.


Source: NBC King5

But don’t worry. If his rightful family isn’t found, the Useless Bay Sanctuary will find him a new furever home.


Source: NBC King5

H/t to NBC King5

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