These Silly Dog Toys Will Make Your Pooch Look Hilarious - But They Don't Care!

Dogs love their toys, and dogs love us for giving them said toys. But what they don't know is that sometimes we have ulterior motives when it comes to our gift-giving. These 18 pups have no idea that their people gave them new toys for selfish purposes.

What do I mean? See for yourself:

1. Don't tell me you went to the plastic surgeon again...

2. Aww, she has NO idea what her favorite toy does to her petite face!

3. I hope that's a long-lasting lipstick.

4. Put that thing away, Rufus.

<a href=Put that thing away, Rufus.">

Bored Panda

5. Need me to pick up some wax for you? Maybe a mason jar or two, as well?

6. Can you hook me up with your dentist?

7. This is just plain creepy.

8. ...But this is pretty cute. Even the pug knows how adorable he is.

9. Not all gold teeth will earn you street credit.

10. You know, we can get you a new one from the store in just 10 minutes...

You know, we can get you a new one from the store in just 10 minutes...


11. Woah, Buddy, one at a time now.

12. Oh, no. He's not stuck, this is just how he carries it...

Totally normal, right?

13. "I vaant to suck your blood!"

"Or just play fetch...either or."

14. "It looks like a cheeseburger..."

15. "But why doesn't it taste like a cheeseburger?"

"Lies, all lies."

16. Definitely don't want to run into you playing fetch at night. So spooky.

17. You know no one's going to believe those are real, right?

18. This just makes me really want some cheese.

This just makes me really want <a href=some cheese. ">


(via Bored Panda)

They say ignorance is bliss...but this is a whole new level. I am, however, totally okay with it.

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