Expectation Vs Reality Of Getting a Dog

When a person gets a wish to have a dog in her/his life, usually he/she has some ideal picture in mind how their future life will look like. Most of us would like to get the best buddy, who will understand us perfectly right from the start and who will be the perfect companion in every possible situation. But in reality, things do not go so smooth as we expect.

Expectation: Your new buddy knows exactly what to do when you say the command.

Getting A Dog 5

Reality: This is what you’ll probably get in the beginning when you say – Sit!

Getting A Dog 6

Expectation: You were so excited to pick up for him the coolest bowls you found and he will love them and eat just from them.

Getting A Dog 7

Reality: He will eat from everywhere and try to eat anything.

Getting A Dog 8

Expectation: Your new pup will poop when you take him out.

Getting A Dog 9

Reality: He will want to go out in the middle of the night sometimes, and will not hesitate to wake you up not so gently.

Getting A Dog 10

Expectation: Your precious pooch will adore that cute, expensive doggy bed you were so thrilled to buy.

Getting A Dog 11

Reality: He will go right for your bed space and covers, to tuck himself as close to you as he can.

Getting A Dog 12

Expectation: Your buddy will wait patiently for you to come back from the work.

Getting A Dog 13

Reality: Chances are he will get anxious and will get that out himself by making a mess.

Getting Dog 14

Expectation: Your dog will love you unconditionally no matter what.

Getting Dog 15

Reality: Your dog will love you unconditionally no matter what! :)

Getting A Dog 16

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