A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Memorial to a Faithful Dog as Told From the Dog’s Point of View

The short film “Denali” is a heartbreakingly beautiful tribute by Ben Moon to his deceased dog Denali. Filmmaker Ben Knight of Felt Soul Media used first-person narration to give voice to Denali, who told the story of the incredibly close relationship he shared with Ben, the challenges they faced throughout the years together, and about his last days spent with Ben at his side.

I think most people would have left their old dog at home, but Ben insisted upon taking me to all our favorite spots one more time. I think he feels that he can’t leave my side right now. This one time, about 10 years ago, we were camping at Joshua Tree and Ben stood up by the campfire and just passed out. And he started bleeding. Things changed a lot after that. When I licked him, I could taste the chemicals they were putting in him to kill the cancer. But it just seemed like they were killing him too. If anyone had tried to take me out of that hospital room, I would have bitten their face. …I don’t know what I would have done without Ben. I’m so glad his cancer went away. I’d be so scared right now if I was going through this without him. …My last night was really peaceful. I wasn’t hungry anymore so I let Ben know it was time and he let me sleep on his chest all night.

RIP, Denali.

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