His Former Owners Crudely Cut Off His Paws, But What Happened Next Is Unbelievable

When authorities found Brutus, a two-year-old Rottweiler living in Colorado, they discovered that his previous owner had tried to treat the pup's frostbite on all of his paws by performing an at-home amputation.

The damage inflicted was so bad that vets were forced to amputate the rest of his feet in order to save his life. After impressive results from another lucky dog who received 3-D printed prosthetics, Brutus has become just the second dog in history to receive a full set of his own artificial limbs.

Brutus was rescued as a little pup.

His paws were in terrible shape from a shoddy at-home amputation attempt.

Unfortunately they couldn't be saved, so veterinarians had to remove all four of his feet.

Now in the care of a more capable foster parent, the brave boy is recovering.

Now in the care of a more capable foster parent, the brave boy is recovering.


Slowly but surely, he's learning to walk on new legs.

His prosthetics were provided by OrthoPets, an organization that creates state-of-the-art prosthetics for hundreds of pets all over the world each year.

Foster mom Laura Aquilina began training Brutus with his prosthetics back in September 2014.

His gait is still a bit awkward, but he's making progress with the help of exercises and plenty of playtime.

"You can't explain to an animal why you're putting these contraptions on their feet," she says, explaining the difficult process.

"You can't explain to them that's it's to help them."

And while the progress he's made is admirable, Aquilina is dedicated to helping the lucky pup make even bigger strides.

Hopefully one day he'll be able to play alongside other pups with ease.

I have a feeling Brutus will exceed everyone's expectations. Despite all he's been through, this strong pup isn't backing down from anything.

If you'd like to help out with Brutus' recovery, you can check out his Facebook page, or visit his GoFundMe.

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