Dog Breaks Out Of Home, Sneaks Into Hospital To Be With Sick Owner

This story is stranger than fiction but will undoubtedly warm any dog lover’s heart. An entire Cedar Rapids family was left completely baffled by the actions of their miniature schnauzer, Sissy. Nancy Franck was staying at Mercy Medical Center after undergoing cancer-related surgery. That’s when her dog Sissy somehow broke her way out of her own home and walked 15 blocks, nearly two miles, to the hospital where Nancy was staying.

When security footage caught Sissy sniffing around the hospital lobby, a security guard used the info on her dog tag to call Nancy’s husband, Dale. The husband says Sissy would have made it straight to Nancy’s room, but she just couldn’t find the right elevator! Someone was seriously missing Mommy.

“I don’t know how she found the right door or did any of that herself,” Nancy said. “That was great. Just being able to see her. That was perfect.”

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